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Company Info

Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay
155 Sandford Fleming Drive
Collingwood, Ontario (Canada)

Phone: 7054469542
Web: www.habitatgeorgianbay.ca

Company Profile

Construction Manager

Job ID: 49699
Job Views: 3165
Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Postal Code:
Job Category: Construction
Employment Type: Full time, Contractor
Salary: per month
Posted: 03.21.2017


Building Construction: CAD-Drafting, Carpentry-Framing, Concrete and Masonry, Electrician, Flooring-Tiling-Painting-Wallpapering, General-Other: Construction-Skilled Trades, Heavy Equipment Operation, HVAC, Ironwork-Metal Fabrication, Plumbing-Pipefitting, Roofing, Sheetrock-Plastering, Site Superintendent, Surveying
Other: Career Fair, Other, Work at Home
Project-Program Management: Event Planning-Coordination, General-Other: Project-Program Management, IT Project Management, Program Management, Project Management

Job Description

 Reporting to the Executive Director, this 6 month contract position will oversee the overall management of the build including land acquisition, design to completion.  This is highly skilled and supervisory work, as well as 'hands on' as required.  The position requires direction and education of volunteers and management of all faceets of contruction.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ensuring quality home building that meets all building standards; educating volunteers in building techniques; managing health and safety on the site; planning, obtaining quotes, soliciting donations; ordering Gift in Kind materials and other materials to meet the build schedule; work the the Executive Director, build committee and volunteer coordinator to complete the Build on schedule and within budget.

Job Requirements


  • Work closely with the ED and Land Acquisition Committee to secure land for future Builds.
  • Manage and complete all building permit applications as required
  • Ensure all survey work, service locates and tree removal is completed in a timely manner
  • Work with architects and surveyers to ensure house plan, grading, etc. meets all Municipal requirements and Building Codes
  • Obtain contractor quotes for all work, as required


  • Provide overall project management and leadership to all aspects of construction to completion.
  • Supervise each build site; including site preparation, volunteer and contractor direction, assigning specific tasks, and supervising clean up
  • Ensure quality home building that meet all building standards
  • Coordinate all sub-trade activity including maintenance on Habitat owned facilities
  • Ensure that materials and equipment are procured in a safe and timely manner


  • Organize training as necessary for volunteer personnel
  • Teach volunteers building techniques, blueprint reading and purchasing processes as required
  • Ensure that volunteers have all necessary training to meet Ministry of Labour requirements and maintain documentation/record of training for Habitat files


  • Work with ED to create a Build Schedule including timeline of build stages and special events
  • Review plans, specifications and construction schedules in order to be familiar with the steps needed to construct good quality homes at the lowest cost and according to the Build Schedule – ensure ED and Volunteer Chair are kept apprised of changes
  • Work with ED to develop budgets for each Build
  • Communicate at all times with ED on all aspects of the build including budget, build schedule and to implement changes as required on the site
  • Provide weekly and other updates to ED as required to address costs, changes, etc.
  • Communicate with local building inspection department / authority and coordinate all mandatory inspections.
  • Log daily activity on site including volunteer sign in/out, injury reports, waivers, etc.
  • Manage and report to the ED on the build schedule and progress

Donations/Gift in Kind/Purchases

  • Obtain quotes for work and materials
  • Coordinate donations and purchases of all materials necessary for each Build
  • Coordinate delivery, staging and application of materials.
  • Control, manage and sign off on all packing, delivery slips and invoices - submit to ED on a weekly basis.


  • Communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator as required to schedule the correct people at the correct time
  • Form and lead the Building Committee, and ensure that team members get the direction, mentoring, and skill building necessary to effectively work on the team
  • Promote a team environment and encourage team behaviours, working interdependently towards goals and objectives of the build
  • Delegate responsibilities to volunteers and manage their work as required

Health and Safety

  • Manage site health and safety as the Site Safety Officer or by empowering and communicating at all times with the Site Safety Officer. (Note: Site Safety Officer must have the appropriate training and certification to hold this position.)
  • Coordinate work place health and safety training as required on site and coordinate work site inspections, hazard assessments and related documentation
  • Coordinate activities (products, training and advice) with community based OHS service providers such as the provincial Construction Safety Association
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of site specific Emergency Response Plan, as required
  • Provide first aid support to all on site, when required
  • Ensure a safety and a first aid trained individual is on site during all Build activity

Required Qualifications:

  • thorough knowledge of practices, methods, equipment and techniques pertaining to building construction; and tools and equipment associated with the building construction trades

Ability to:

  • work effectively with people and teams
  • manage people and facilitate effective written and verbal communications
  • speak to community groups (as required), attend community events and motivate diverse community constituent groups
  • work well under pressure
  • provide training and supervision for semi-skilled and unskilled volunteers
  • work effectively with suppliers of materials and services
  • manage and complete building permits and inspection processes
  • have knowledge of Health and Safety regulations on the site including reporting, workplace injury prevention and loss of time control
  • Experience in adult education including computer based learning
  • Interest or experience in team building and project management
  • Computer literate and experienced with MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet use, email, etc.)
  • Desire to work with people within the Habitat for Humanity environment and model
  • Trained in first aid and CPR

Physical demands:  Required to lift up to 50 lbs on a regular basis and will experience frequent bending, squatting, lifting and repetitive motion. This position will occasionally be exposed to extremes in weather (e.g., heat, cold, wind, rain, etc.).


Ability to work a flexible schedule and provide administrative support as required

Ability to work long summer hours to complete projects on schedule.

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